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Businesses often require customized software solutions to address their unique needs and challenges. Onshore custom software development provides companies with the advantage of having a professional team in close proximity, to take care of the software development.

This case study explores the experience of a company opting for onshore custom software development services in Macedonia to fulfill its specific requirements.

Problem Statement

Prior to the development of the Commercial Excellence Portal, the responsible team at Fokker was investing a significant amount of time, approximately one month, to gain insights into the sales pipeline. This process was not only time-consuming but also lacked real-time updates, effective decision-making and strategic planning took more time than expected.

The need to automate this process was evident to ensure efficient management of the portfolio across all business units at Fokker.


  • Develop a customized software solution to the Fokker’s unique requirements;
  • Setup the relevant software development life cycle to ensure project success;
  • Provide realtime reporting and insights of the sales pipeline;
  • Create user experience and satisfaction across all Fokker business units;

Commercial Excellence Portal

​” This has been one of very little projects within the Fokker organization that has run very smooth, has shown excellence in collaboration while defining, developing and implementing the Commercial Excellence portal.

– Fokker”

Features and Functionalities

Here’s what we’ve did:

  • Sales Funnel Preview: Users can access a visual representation of the sales pipeline, providing insights into upcoming, active, and past projects;
  • Integration with External Systems: Seamless integration with external systems enables the portal to fetch sales data, ensuring accuracy and real-time updates;
  • Export to PDF: Users have the ability to export reports and data to PDF format, facilitating easy sharing and printing in high resolution;
  • Advanced Filtering Options: The portal allows filtering based on various criteria including quarters, half-year, and yearly periods, custom date ranges, as well as parameters like status, budget, and client;
  • User and Role Management: Simple user and role management options that enable controlled access to sensitive information, maintaining data security and privacy;
  • Customizable Views: Users can customize their views based on personal preferences and specific needs;
  • Interactive Dashboards: Interactive dashboards provide at-a-glance insights into key metrics and performance indicators, enabling informed decision-making;
  • Alerts and Notifications: The portal features configurable alerts and notifications to keep users informed about important updates, deadlines, and milestones;
  • Mobile Accessibility: The portal is accessible via mobile devices, allowing users to stay connected and informed on the go;

Implementation Strategy

Our approach involved a phased implementation strategy to ensure a systematic and efficient development process:

  1. Requirement Gathering: Collaborative sessions were conducted with the relevant stakeholders to gather information into the company’s requirements and objectives;
  2. Prototyping: A prototype of the software solution was developed to visualize the proposed features and functionalities and gather feedback for refinement;
  3. Agile Development: Utilizing agile methodologies, development sprints were planned, allowing for iterative development and frequent client feedback;
  4. Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing was executed throughout the development lifecycle to ensure the software’s reliability, security, and performance;
  5. Deployment and Support: Upon completion, the software solution was deployed with zero issues on production;

Expected Benefits

The implementation of the Commercial Excellence Portal is expected to yield several significant benefits for Fokker’s business units:

  1. Ease of Use: The portal offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, minimizing the learning curve for users;
  2. Real-time Sales Funnel Reporting: By providing real-time access to the sales pipeline and relevant sales information, the portal enables faster decision-making and proactive management of sales activities. Users can monitor progress, identify opportunities, and address challenges in a timely manner, contributing to improved sales performance;
  3. The transparency provided by real-time sales funnel reporting gives greater visibility and accountability within the organization. Stakeholders have access to up-to-date information on sales activities, ensuring alignment and collaboration across teams and departments;
  4. Strategic Insights: The portal’s advanced filtering options and customizable views enable users to gain deeper insights into the sales pipeline. This information enables strategic planning and informed decision-making, helping Fokker stay ahead of the competition;


Our partnership with Trackado has delivered remarkable results.
The Contract Management Platform we developed has enabled Trackado to offer a SaaS service to their customers.

With our strong product development background and excellent collaboration, Trackado can focus on core business objectives while staying ahead in the competitive landscape. Our ongoing support ensures that Trackado continues to grow and evolve, setting new benchmarks in contract management excellence.


In conclusion, the decision to opt for bespoke software development in Macedonia proved to be a strategic investment. Commercial Excellence Portal has met Fokker’s objectives and delivered tangible value to the organization.


Clear communication is key.
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Honesty is our policy.
We operate with integrity, providing full transparency in all aspects of our collaboration, building trust every step of the way.


Together, we combine expertise and insights to achieve remarkable results, celebrating successes and overcoming challenges as one team.

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