Online booking and video consultations in healthcare

Bringing Care Closer: Enhancing Healing with Online Booking and Compassionate Video Consultations in Healthcare for the past four years


In collaboration with Zan Mitrev Clinic, the largest and most established private hospital in Macedonia, we were first to provide healthcare access through the integration of online booking and video consultations of our product TIKTAK. Remember this was pre-COVID times!

Problem Statement

Recognizing the evolving needs of patients, particularly the younger generation averse to traditional phone-based bookings, and the imperative to extend healthcare services to individuals residing in distant cities or abroad, we aimed to address these challenges head-on.


Our primary objectives were:

  • Enable the patient to schedule a service online, with their preferable doctor, instead of picking up the phone and waiting in the lines;
  • Enhance the patient experience through improved transparency, providing the service price, and letting the patient own the booking process;
  • The patient is on autopilot, while our product takes care of informing the patient throughout the whole patient journey;

TIKTAK – Online booking and
video consultations for your patients.

“We thank Emit Knowledge for the good job in helping us develop a solution for online medical appointments. Marjan and development team were very professional and hardworking during all stages of project development.

We are satisfied with the solution given to us and with the communication flow through the project.

​Finally the doctors are able to advise patients over the Internet by simply using a personal computer or mobile device. We look forward to working with Emit Knowledge in future projects.

D-r Zan Mitrev – Cardiovascular Surgeon. General Manager at Zan Mitrev Clinic”

Features and Functionalities

We have provided the following features:

  • An intuitive and mobile friendly online booking portal;
  • HIPAA-compliant video call functionality for secure and convenient consultations;
  • An admin portal facilitating seamless management of staff, facilities, pricing, and appointment schedules;
  • A specialized module for coordinating referral networks within the healthcare ecosystem;
  • Accepting payments via debit or credit card;

Implementation Strategy

Our approach was founded on collaboration and adaptability:

  • We have conducted a comprehensive assessment and engaged with the stakeholders to understand the needs.
  • Iterative development guided by feedback loops, ensuring alignment with existing workflows.
  • Agile implementation methodologies to facilitate phased rollouts and rapid iteration.

Expected Benefits

We anticipate:

  • Enhanced discoverability and accessibility of medical services, driving increased patient engagement and revenue;
  • Empowered management with actionable insights derived from patient feedback, allowing service improvements;
  • Improved transparency regarding pricing and appointment availability, promoting informed decision-making;
  • Reduction in no-show appointments through automated reminders, improving operational efficiency;
  • Improved payment processes, reducing administrative burdens and improving financial management;


Five years into our partnership with Zan Mitrev Clinic, the implemented system continues to yield significant results:

  • Sustained growth in patient engagement and revenue generation;
  • Positive feedback from both patients and staff, affirming the efficacy of the solution;
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and service quality, underscored by streamlined processes and improved patient outcomes;


Our teamwork with Zan Mitrev Clinic shows how using online booking and video chats in healthcare can make a big difference. We focused on making things better for patients, using new ideas and technology.

This journey reminds us why we’re here: to make healthcare better for everyone, step by step.


Clear communication is key.
We ensure all information flows freely, fostering understanding and alignment for effective collaboration.


Honesty is our policy.
We operate with integrity, providing full transparency in all aspects of our collaboration, building trust every step of the way.


Together, we combine expertise and insights to achieve remarkable results, celebrating successes and overcoming challenges as one team.

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