Career Path​

Chart Your Course: Guiding Your Journey!

Career Path Guideline​

The purpose of the career path guideline is to explain how to achieve a bigger impact within your role, team, and how to grow your career.

For managerial roles, it will help you set expectations with your team and hold them accountable and responsible for their work.

​This guideline is not a checklist that you need to tick in order to go to the next level. It will give you an insight into what kind of impact is required from you at the next level.​

Definition of impact​

One company is not represented by the logo, the desks and chairs, equipment, and the gaming consoles. Rather, the people, their interactions, culture, well-being, and how we serve our common goal – our customers.

In those terms, the success of the company is highly related to the success of each individual and team. It is all about how good we are while practicing the tango.

When speaking about the impact it can be related to improving processes, increasing quality, developing less experienced team members, reducing costs, etc.

The general principles related to the impact and career progression are

  • Consistency: We consider the impact you’ve had over time. Are you doing this with continuity or it is a one-time phenomenon;
  • Velocity: We consider the rate at which you deliver impact, not just the cumulative impact that you’ve achieved;
  • Accountability: All levels are accountable for delivering impact. Except for the beginner roles, all roles are responsible and accountable for the impact of their decisions and team members that are on the lower level;

As engineers, we need to master our craft in order to improve our impact on the business.
There are different ways to improve including:

  • Technical expertise;
  • Domain expertise;
  • Product expertise;
  • Project leadership;
  • Technical leadership and mentoring;

You don’t need to excel at each one of them to progress.

Roles and systematization

SWE – Software Engineer

QAE – Quality Assurance Engineer

EM – Engineering Manager


EMIT KNOWLEDGE is an equal opportunity employer; applicants are considered for all roles without regard to race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, citizenship status, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, marital, parental, or any other status.

In a world where most of the companies as working like a semaphore (red, yellow, green), when to start, stop, ask and escalate, where the processes are over its people,  at EMIT KNOWLEDGE we are working as a roundabout, everyone can join and influence the outcome. It takes more energy but the satisfaction and the impact are higher as it breaks down the process rigidness.

When it comes to promotions we have several principles:

The environment is a catalyst: It will speed up your career growth as long as you are willing to take action. 

Consistency: Promotions are a recognition of demonstrated discipline and sustained impact. Promotions will not happen on goodwill.

No politics involved: We don’t promote based on politics but rather on performance. Exceptional people have a track record and compare themselves with their version from yesterday instead of comparing with others.

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