SWE3 – Software Engineer​

Chart Your Course: Guiding Your Journey!

I independently identify, deliver and manage software solutions with multiple milestones or in multi-component system.

Area of ownership and autonomy
– I own and deliver projects to achieve the team goals;
– I independently find the right solution or use existing approaches to solve a problem;

Organization reach and level of influence
– I work within the scope of my team with high level guidance from my EM3 and manager;

Technical levels that impacts the business
– I am responsible for my team. I define and deliver milestones for a project. I may be a technical lead for a projects on my team;
– I have a product expertise that I leverage to help the clients to determine the right solutions to their problems; 
– I actively mentor new hires, interns and less experiences peers by providing lead by example principle;

1. Results

Responsibility​Expected behavior
Impact– I deliver the team goals on time and with high quality;
– I understand my customers, their business goals and my team goals; I ensure that my work has impact;
– I can identify when my results are below the expectations and communicate them with my manager;
– I get the work done by focusing on the core of the problem while prioritizing the right things;
Ownership– I proactively identify new opportunities to improve the current state of the projects and processes;
– I take responsibility for failures within my team and take action to mitigate them;
– When there is a barrier (emotional or physical) I find a way to unblock myself and get on top of the situation to identify the problem and to find a solution; 
Decision making​– I make informed decisions by consulting the management and the clients to understand the big picture;
– I understand the implications of my decisions and its short-term/long-term risks;
– I make decisions on time without cutting corners that would compromise my clients and management trust; 

2. Direction

ResponsibilityExpected behavior
Agility– I embrace changes and adapt to them;
– I can navigate during ambiguous situations and remain resilient during ups and downs;
Innovation– I ask questions and contribute to new ideas;
– I experiment with the new approaches and share my findings with the peers;
Strategy– I work with my manager to set realistic short-term/long-term goals and break them down into action items;
– I execute the agreed action items as an engineering manager, within the team;

3. Talent

ResponsibilityExpected behavior
Personal growth– I ask for a feedback from my peers, proactively, and act on it;
– I am self-aware about my strengths and weaknesses (areas for development);
– I initiate and drive discussion with my manager about my aspirational goals and seek out opportunities to learn and grow;
Hiring– I contribute to the process of interviewing and assessing candidates in order to identify talent;
– I am able to represent the findings to my management and decision makers; 
Talent development– I model integrity and high standard of excellence for my work. I influence my peers to achieve best practices;
– I support the growth of my peers;
– I provide honest feedback to my peers to help them learn and grow;

4. Culture

ResponsibilityExpected behavior
Communication– I tailor my communication based on the audience, presenting it clearly and concisely at the right tone;
– I proactively share information so the right people are informed and aligned;
– I foster effective communication across teams, management and promote a collaborative culture;
Collaboration– I build relationships across teams and help get a positive outcome;
– I proactively communicate and coordinate with my team, other teams, management and clients;
– I am capable of working with clients to identify blind-spots in their ideas and problems;
– I avoid blame and solve the problems, disagreeing when necessary;
Organizational health– I contribute positively to the team (engage in team lunches, team activities, helping new team members to onboard);
– I listen to other people perspectives and tend not to rely on my personal biases;

5. Craft

ResponsibilityExpected behavior
​Code fluency– I write code that is essential for the project (core), applying best practices, writing reusable and efficient code adaptable to the upcoming changes;
– I ensure high quality in code during PRs;
– I have a strong awareness of the ecosystem of tools and libraries that are supporting my line of work (DevOps, Azure, .NET Core, Signals) and have a strong grasp of patterns in my language (C#, JavaScript);
​Software design– I am able to design and implement the software components with simplicity and maintenance as key factors.
– My code can be easily tested and debugged and not misused by other peers;
– I have a strong know-how in libraries, platforms and systems that I rely on;
Architecture design– I am able to decompose a problem or a business need into a solution composed of multiple software components interacting with each other;
– I proactively identify issues with technical dependencies of my project that are owner by other teams;

6. Compensation

Base salary range: starting from 1566 EUR. 

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