Individualized patient journey

Your Health, Your Story: Crafting Personal Paths to Healing with Individualized Patient Journey


We partnered with Øjenhospitalet Danmark, the biggest private eye clinic in Denmark, to make healthcare more personal. Instead of treating patients like numbers, we wanted to give them personalized care to their needs.

Problem Statement

Traditional healthcare models often leave patients feeling like mere numbers in a system, lacking the personalized attention and care they deserve. Øjenhospitalet Danmark recognized the need to address this issue and embarked on a quest to make healthcare services more accessible, transparent, and compassionate.


Our goals were simple:

  • Make patients happier with the clinic;
  • Improve trust between patients and doctors;
  • Affirm the humanity of each patient, ensuring they feel valued and understood throughout their healthcare journey;

HIS – Middleware solution for Denmark’s largest private eye hospital, seamlessly managing operations from patient bookings to invoicing by integrating with ten external systems.

​” Emit Knowledge is a great match as an IT partner when running an SMB.
We are a company of 20 people working in the healthcare business. One of our goals is provide newest technologies and treatments. For this reason, we searched for an IT partner able to solve and take part in creating workflows supporting our daily business. At the same time also supporting our current business and transition from an old fashion clinic software to modern software solutions with several integrations.
We have had experience from past IT projects and it has been a challenge with former IT partners to fully understand our needs. To achieve a successful IT transition and development daily communication was for us crucial. 
We choose to go with Emit Knowledge based on recommendations, interviews and a case report. 

What I enjoyed observing doing the selection process was the commitment of the case report. Being a former athlete I know commitment is a key factor to success. As with any IT solution, there are hassles and unexpected scenarios. Many SMBs are driven by committed staff so should our partners which is why I enjoy working with Marjan and his team.

– CEO at Øjenhospitalet Danmark”

Features and Functionalities

We have provided the following features:

  • An intuitive and mobile friendly online booking portal;
  • HIPAA-compliant video call functionality for secure and convenient consultations;
  • Appointment reminders to minimize no-shows and streamline clinic operations;
  • Accepting payments via debit or credit card;

Implementation Strategy

Our implementation strategy was based on partnership, agility, and continuous collaboration:

  • We conducted work group sessions with the stakeholder to discuss our solutions to the clinic’s specific requirements;
  • We worked with the clinic’s staff to make sure we understand the details;
  • Utilizing agile methodologies, we adopted a phased implementation approach, allowing for iterative enhancements based on user feedback.

Expected Benefits

  • Patients would feel more in control and trust the clinic more;
  • Booking appointments would be less stressful;
  • Each patient would get a plan that was just for them;
  • The clinic would run smoother and be more efficient;


After five years, things are looking good:

  • Øjenhospitalet Danmark is doing great, with patients being happy with their experience;
  • Øjenhospitalet Danmark has 4.9 rating on Trustpilot
  • Personalized care has become the norm, making the clinic stand out;
  • By listening to feedback, Øjenhospitalet Danmark kept making things better for everyone;


Оur partnership with Øjenhospitalet Danmark has made healthcare more personal and enjoyable for everyone involved. It’s all about treating patients like people, not just another appointment.


Clear communication is key.
We ensure all information flows freely, fostering understanding and alignment for effective collaboration.


Honesty is our policy.
We operate with integrity, providing full transparency in all aspects of our collaboration, building trust every step of the way.


Together, we combine expertise and insights to achieve remarkable results, celebrating successes and overcoming challenges as one team.

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