EM3 – Engineer​ing Manager

Chart Your Course: Guiding Your Journey!

I guide a team of Software engineers and Quality Assurance engineers to deliver business impact with support from the SWE3, QAE3, and managers.

Area of ownership and autonomyI lead the activities of the teams with guidance from my manager in order to move towards execution of the projects;

Organization reach and level of influenceI work primarily with my teams and clients to establish and maintain positive relation and to provide the teams with enough details to do their work;

Technical levels that impacts the businessI empower and unblock my team to deliver impact by efficient execution of the processes;
I maintain healthy environment within the teams;
I provide the teams with right information on time;

1. Results

Responsibility​Expected behavior
Impact– I act with urgency and help my team to deliver high quality work;
– I identify and redirect the team focus if results are not moving in a positive direction for the business and team goals or not serving the client needs;
– I focus on the core of the problems and find a meaningful way to resolve the issues;
– I am ultimately accountable for the consequences of my team technical decisions and for achieving the right design and architectural decisions and trade-offs to reach and maintain high quality deliverable;
Ownership– I follow through on my commitments and take responsibility for my work and for the work of my team;
– I think one step ahead to help my team solve the right problems before they become bigger;
– I escalate problems to ensure the team is unblocked and to help them learn how to unblock themselves;
– I involve my team in the discussion ”What if we build” and not just the “How to build”, creating a sense of ownership for the end results;
Decision making​– I identify and gather information from others to make informed decisions;
– I make decisions on time and don’t cut corners that will impact and compromise the customer’s trust;
– I understand the implications of my decisions and adjust my approach based on the impact and the risks;
Operational excellence– I set goals and objectives and hold my team accountable for them;
– I run the processes efficiently, while minimizing unnecessary work. 
– I ensure that appropriate information is shared with the team;
– I ensure that  misinformation is eliminated within the team;

2. Direction

ResponsibilityExpected behavior
Agility– I am open to change the happy with new initiatives;
– I help my team navigate uncertainty and remain resilient through ups and downs;
Innovation– I pursue ideas that challenge the conventional approaches while seeking opportunities for improvement;
– I encourage my team to experiment with new approaches and help them learn from failures;
Strategy– I define my team priorities and secure support and help from my manager;
– I support and generate excitement for the team strategy;

3. Talent

ResponsibilityExpected behavior
Personal growth– I ask for a feedback from my peers, proactively, and act on it;
– I am self-aware about my strengths and weaknesses (areas for development);
– I initiate and drive discussion with my manager about my aspirational goals and seek out opportunities to learn and grow;
Hiring– I contribute to the process of interviewing and assessing candidates in order to identify talent;
– I am able to represent the findings to my management and decision makers;
Talent development– I foster the career growth of my team by seeking challenging and impactful work based on their skills and interests;
– I provide real-time feedback and support to my team to drive high performance and career growth;
– I set clear expectations and address performance issues with the support of my manager;
Organizational planning– I am learning how to thing about talent strategically, how to create growth opportunities for the team members;
– At all times I have information about the team allocation and can see one step ahead if team extensions are needed or if the team becomes a bottleneck;

4. Culture

ResponsibilityExpected behavior
Communication– I write and speak with clarity. My messages are tailored based on the audience;
– I proactively share information with the right people in order to get them informed and aligned;
Collaboration– I am trustful and lead by example;
– I build strong relationships across teams and help the to become winners;
– I disagree when needed;
– I manage conflict with the right tone;
Organizational health– I listen to other people perspectives and tend not to rely on my personal biases;
– I am aware of my presence, actions and their influence on the people around me and the clients I collaborate with;

5. Compensation

Base salary range: starting from 1566 EUR.
Managerial bonus: % of salary and % of profit.  

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