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Have all your contracts in one place, access them instantly from anywhere, get automatically notified of key dates and tasks, and uncover insights about the financial health of your contracts.


Trackado – a company dedicated to simplifying contract management. Over the past decade, we’ve partnered with Trackado, leveraging our expertise to develop a Contract Management Platform that sets new standards in efficiency and reliability.

Problem Statement

Trackado encountered a challenge in their journey to develop the Contract Management Solution – finding a reliable software development partner.

This task was bundled with complexities as they sought a partner capable of understanding their vision, aligning with their objectives, and possessing the technical expertise to bring the solution to fruition.

In a crowded marketplace, Trackado needed to identify a reliable partner who could meet their immediate development needs, can provide valid input, and long-term collaborative relationship.


  • Develop a Contract Management Platform SaaS;
  • Increase efficiency by automating contract processes and minimizing manual intervention;
  • Aim for accuracy and compliance through centralized storage and tracking of contracts;
  • Make Trackado scalability a priority to support both SMEs and large companies;
  • Long-term partnership and support to continuously refine and optimize the platform;

Cloud-based product centralizes contracts for easy access, with automated notifications and financial insights for informed decision-making, featuring contract repository, event reminders, workflows, and e-signature capabilities.

​” Highly professional and competent team that goes the extra mile!

We have been working with Emit Knowledge for several years now and are extremely happy with the collaboration.

Our allocated DevOps team consists of backend and frontend developers as well as quality assurance engineers and technical management staff, which are all highly competent, professional, proactive, and generally a pleasure to work with.

We can highly recommend Emit Knowledge for software development services!

– CEO, Trackado​ AB”

Features and Functionalities

Here’s what we did:

  • Access Anywhere: Trackado ensures you can access contracts from any location with internet connectivity;
  • Data Privacy: Your data stays safe with TLS/SSL and file encryption protocols;
  • Cloud Accessibility: No installations required – access Trackado via web browser from anywhere;
  • Contract Repository: Centralize and manage all contracts easily;
  • Events & Reminders: Set automated reminders for contract milestones and deadlines;
  • Workflows: Customize approval processes and track progress efficiently;
  • E-Signing: Accelerate contract execution with built-in e-signing capabilities;
  • Reporting & Dashboards: Gain insights into your contract portfolio with customizable reports;
  • Business Partners: Collaborate securely with external stakeholders;
  • Custom Properties: Configure Trackado to your needs with customizable fields;
  • Single-Sign-On: Simplify user authentication with single-sign-on integration;
  • Cloud Storage: Integrate Trackado with cloud storage solutions for improved file management;
  • Differentiated Access: Control user permissions based on roles and responsibilities;
  • Import & Export: Easily migrate data into or out of Trackado;
  • Master & Sub-Agreements: Manage complex contract structures effortlessly;
  • Recurring Reminders: Set up reminders for recurring contractual obligations;
  • Multi-Currency Support: Conduct business globally with support for multiple currencies;

Implementation Strategy

Our partnership with Trackado encompassed the entire software development lifecycle.
From initial discussions on software requirements to proposing process improvements, our approach was comprehensive and collaborative. We drew upon our SaaS experience to guide product development, ensuring alignment with Trackado’s vision and objectives.

Our approach involves:

  • Requirement Analysis: Thoroughly understanding Trackado’s needs and expectations;
  • Agile Development: Iterative development cycles to incorporate feedback and adapt to changing requirements;
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing to ensure the platform’s reliability, security, and usability;
  • Deployment and Maintenance: Seamless deployment and ongoing support to ensure smooth operations;


Our partnership with Trackado has delivered remarkable results.
The Contract Management Platform we developed has enabled Trackado to offer a SaaS service to their customers.

With our strong product development background and excellent collaboration, Trackado can focus on core business objectives while staying ahead in the competitive landscape. Our ongoing support ensures that Trackado continues to grow and evolve, setting new benchmarks in contract management excellence.


We can make healthcare better for everyone. By listening to what people need and keeping things simple, we can help doctors, patients, and hospital bosses feel happier and healthier.


Clear communication is key.
We ensure all information flows freely, fostering understanding and alignment for effective collaboration.


Honesty is our policy.
We operate with integrity, providing full transparency in all aspects of our collaboration, building trust every step of the way.


Together, we combine expertise and insights to achieve remarkable results, celebrating successes and overcoming challenges as one team.

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